The EU as a Global Normative Power: GDPR and the Building of a Worldwide Standard

The “right to be forgotten” is no longer just a description in poems but will also be an important point of view that affects global digital governance!

Viviane Reading, a critical promoter of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) bill and former vice chairman of the European Commission’s executive committee, will join several of Taiwan and the EU’s legal and technology experts to discuss the most stringent personal information law adopted in the EU’s history. After the formal implementation of GDPR in 2018, the legal basis for the use of information and digital human rights has been consolidated. The context of the right to be forgotten has also affected the development of global data rights.

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Name: The European Union as a Regulatory Power: The Global The EU as a Global Normative Power: GDPR and the Building of a Worldwide Standard

Time: Wednesday, June 9, 2021 7 PM—9 PM

Venue: Live Stream (due to the pandemic, link will be sent to registered attendees)

Co-Organizers: Taiwan Future Society, Taiwan European Union Centre, and Fair Winds Foundation

Moderator: Su Hung-dah (Director, Taiwan European Union Centre; EU Monet Chair Professor)

Featured Speaker: Viviane Reading


Chu Chin-peng (vice president, National Dong Hwa University; EU Monet Chair Professor)

Nigel Li (adjunct professor, Department of Law, Soochow University)

Jack Chao (founder and chairman, BravoAI)

Tsai Yu-ling (executive director, Fair Winds Foundation)

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Speaker Profile

Viviane Reading is a Luxembourg politician who has been an elected member of the country’s and the European parliament for 25 years. She was appointed as a member of three committees in the European Commission, first in charge of culture and education, then telecommunications and technology research, and finally (as the first vice chairman of the commission) justice and basic human rights.

Currently, she serves on the advisory committee and board of a multinational corporation primarily engaged in digitization and technology. She is also a member of a foundation’s board of directors engaged in geopolitical, social, and legal affairs. She was nominated by the European Banking Federation as an “ambassador” for the development of Alliance Capital Market. She is the vice chairman of the executive committee of the World Law Foundation.

Overview of GDPR

The focus of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is mainly to expand the scope of its application. IN addition to companies that have established presence in the EU, the law also governs businesses products and services of which monitor people within the EU.

Second, in the cross-border transfer of personal assets, because the EU adopts the rule of prohibition by principle but exceptions allowed model, personal assets can only be transferred across borders under exceptional circumstances, and exceptions include permission by enterprises. For example, companies may independently adopt appropriate protective measures that comply with the norms, such as drafting binding corporate rules on their own, and submitting them to the EU’s competent authority for approval and certification. Or parties may obtain the consent from relevant parties.


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