Taiwan is a country full of vitality and creativity, but it is also mired in constant infighting and self-imposed limitations. To move Taiwan forward, we must draw upon the strengths of civil society in order to find solutions to structural problems and initiate changes beneficial to Taiwan's long-term development. At the same time, we must facilitate global opportunities for Taiwanese youth in order to broaden their horizons and connect them with the world because the future of our youth means the future of Taiwan.

The mission of Fair Winds Foundation is to promote civic culture and assist our youth in connecting with the world. Through such programs as policy research, featured lectures, youth forums, student camps, and international exchanges, we encourage everyone to imagine their vision for Taiwan and strategies to realize it. We also disseminate the discussion from these programs and build social networking platforms to promote the exchange of ideas.

The objectives of Fair Winds Foundation are: (1) Assemble statesmen, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, scholars, and youth who are passionate about finding a roadmap for Taiwan's future. (2) Provide the younger generation our full support to develop their potential, encourage cooperation, and facilitate global opportunities. (3) Collaborate with other non-profit organizations to transform the existing social structure and initiate positive changes in Taiwan.

Main Events

  1. Fair Winds Lecture:

To grasp significant global trends and the opportunities and challenges they bring for Taiwan, the Foundation invites leading theorists, politicians, entrepreneurs and social activists to give public lectures on these crucial issues.

  1. Breakthrough Forum:

Focusing on key issues pertaining to Taiwan’s sustainable development, discussion of proposals for breaking through current dilemmas are held in the form of a public forum. Young leaders, top research teams, and social practitioners will be the panelists of the forum to advocate rational discussion and collaborative action.

  1. Fair Winds Youth Leadership Program:

Our leadership program features events designed with the goal of cultivating a global perspective, leadership qualities, and a character of service and contribution. The camp invites distinguished lecturers to share their experiences and knowledge, as well as encourage students to design their own unique projects to help people or improve the current conditions.

  1. Fair Winds Overseas Camp:

The Foundation recruits promising youth leaders around 30 years of age to participate in youth exchange events across North America, Europe, East Asia, China, Hong Kong, and Macau, etc., so as to enhance interactions between Taiwanese youths and their peers from around the world and nurture ambitious, creative, and active future leaders.

  1. Study Groups

In order to promote the positive interaction and exchange across different generations and raise the youth’s awareness of public affairs, we invite directors, advisers, and other experts to discuss a variety of issues so as to propose socially beneficial public policies.

  1. Policy Research

The Foundation commissions excellent scholars and teams of professionals to conduct public policy research and propose in-depth analyses and solutions. The results are disseminated through conferences, seminars, and digital communication channels to elicit attention and discussion in the society to consolidate the basis of action for social change.

  1. Roundtable Conferences

We cooperate with relevant academic research institutions and think tanks around the world to hold an annual “Trans-Pacific Roundtable” and invite distinguished scholars from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau and around the world to engage in an in-depth discussion about the political and economic development of the Chinese-speaking world, the role of Taiwan on the international stage, and regional security policies of relevant countries.