New Immigrants, New Culture, New Power

Taiwan is a diverse multi-ethnic society. According to the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior, the number of immigrant spouses currently living in Taiwan is nearing 530,000. Taiwan has become the second home for them. How can they overcome language and cultural gaps? Why can they bring cultural diversity and exchanges while helping Taiwan integrate globally and bring new energy to its society?


The 2018 “Breakthrough Forum” series continue to focus on the future of Taiwanese youth. This session will be moderated by Legislator Lin Li-chan and feature four immigrants who have lived in Taiwan for many years: Ruan Chiu-heng (Vietnam), Liang Jinni (mainland China), Chen Yen-jen (Indonesia), and Liao Mu-an (Ghana) as well as ethnic vocalist Lee Tsai-en, who will perform live. If you care about Taiwan’s future development and change for the better, we invite you to register and join the discussion!

1. This event is free, but seats are limited. The organizer is entitled to shorten or postpone the registration period.

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