Why Taiwan!

A group of foreigners have lived in Taiwan for more than 10, even 20 years. They love and care about Taiwan. Why did they choose to live in Taiwan? How do they view the opportunities and challenges for Taiwan and its youth?


The 2018 “Breakthrough Forum” series continue to focus on the future of Taiwanese youth. This session will be moderated by Ping Chu, founder of Aveda, and feature four foreigners who have lived in Taiwan extensively and obtained permanent residency:

  • Mark Stocker (executive director of DDG)
  • Peter Dernback (partner and attorney of Winkler Partners)
  • Holly Harrington (co-founder and general manager of Taiwan Startup Stadium)
  • Manav Mehta (curator of Red Room)


 In addition to sharing their work and life experiences in Taiwan, they will also discuss how Taiwan may connect with global talents and resources as well as how to help Taiwanese youth and the greater society. The event will also feature rap singer and artist Josh Tufano to perform live. If you care about Taiwan’s future development and change for the better, we invite you to register and join the discussion! 

1. This event is free, but seats are limited. The organizer is entitled to shorten or postpone the registration period.

2. When registering, please provide an accurate e-mail address. In order to maintain the quality of our events, the organizer may approve or deny attendees.

3. The organizer reserves the right to modify the event agenda or speaker(s). Any adjustments will be posted on the event page.